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International community
Global Decentralized Ecosystem

Decentralized marketing is powered by revolutionary smart contract technology *.
Forsage smart contract code fully open. you can be
confident in its safety and long-term work.
Zero Human Factor
The human factor is excluded. The smart contract does not depend on anyone, there is no way to stop the platform
Instant transactions
The profit routes from other members directly into your personal wallet. There is no hoarding in the system, the income belongs only to you

Immutability of conditions
Nobody can exclude you from the platform, because there is no such function in the contract. And the information recorded in the network blocks cannot be changed
There are no managers or admins at the head, there are only creators who are the same platform participants like everyone else
Transparency and Anonymity
The smart contract code is open, anyone can see the entire transaction history. This guarantees the purity of conditions and real platform statistics.
100% online
All funds are transferred between members, there are no hidden fees. The contract balance is always zero

* smart contract technology - this is a new phenomenon of the modern decentralized economy allows, in accordance with the program code,
process and distribute financial flows of digital assets.
All processes take place in an open, decentralized blockchain network
Ethereum cryptocurrency, the infrastructure of which supports the operation of such contracts.
1 480 508
per day
712 195 ETH
1 703 175 980 TRX
earned, USD
2 488 560 179
| |

Partner results

All data is stored on the blockchain in the public domain and can be verified!


repeatReinvest is the reopening of slots
walletInstant payouts to your personal wallet
repeatPayouts go to your upline partner
Simultaneous entry into platform one of the X3 and X4 matrices
occurs automatically upon registration


What is Forsage?
FORSAGE is a decentralised platform based on smart contracts designed for crypto-knowledge and networking that connects people from all over the world and provides limitless opportunities for development.

Through smart contracts of the Ethereum and Tron networks, users are rewarded in the respective cryptocurrencies for expanding their team and increasing the number of FORSAGE participants. The code of all contracts is publicly available, as well as information about transactions in the Ethereum and Tron networks.
Who created FORSAGE?
The idea of FORSAGE belongs to a group of crypto-enthusiasts, who are also participants in the community and have no special privileges.
How does the FORSAGE platform work?
Thanks to blockchain technologies, for the first time in history, the marketing matrix becomes completely honest, transparent and inaccessible for any manipulation. If the participant was able to invite a person to the community, then he received a reward for this. The award always goes to the one who fulfilled all the conditions for receiving it - this is provided by the smart contract.

The smart contract balance is always zero - FORSAGE does not store any funds of the community members. The reward instantly goes to your personal wallet directly from partners. Given that only you have access to your wallet, no one else can control your money.

The FORSAGE platform runs on the Ethereum and TRON blockchains and has several marketing plans - x3, x4 and xGold.

Ethereum (ETH) is both a blockchain for creating decentralized applications and one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the world. One unit is called ether. It was on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain that smart contracts were first created, which can be set to any sequence of actions without the ability to change it.

You can read more about Ethereum in our material:
What is Ethereum and how does it work What is Ethereum (ETH) and how does it work

Tron is a top 10 cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization. Tron differs from Ethereum with fast transactions and reduced network fees. One unit of Tron cryptocurrency is Tronix (TRX). Also, based on the TRON blockchain, decentralized applications are designed and smart contracts are launched.

You can read more about Tron in our material:
What is Tron (TRX) and how does it work What is Tron (TRX) and how it works
What is a smart contract? What are its benefits?
A smart contract is an algorithm within the cryptocurrency blockchain that automates the responsibilities within the system. In the case of FORSAGE, the contract eliminates the dominant role of the development team in controlling rewards and allows that role to be focused on technical support.The smart contract is responsible for distributing rewards to participants when the right conditions are fulfilled. Once created, a smart contract cannot be hacked or modified.

You can read more about smart contract in our article:
What is the secret behind FORSAGE's transparency and reliability? The truth about smart contracts. What is the basis for FORSAGE's transparency and reliability? The truth about smart contracts.
What are X3, X4 and XGOLD, and what are slots?
The x3, x4 and xGold programs are matrices with a limited number of places. A matrix or slot is a table that records the number of participants and the amount of reward. Once all the places in the matrix have been filled, a new one opens automatically.

There are three places in the x3 matrix, six in the x4 matrix, and thirty in the xGold matrix. Each program has 12 platforms in FORSAGE Ethereum x3, x4 and 15 in FORSAGE Tron x3, x4. And 15 platforms each in FORSAGE Ethereum xGold and FORSAGE Tron xGold. Each slot costs exactly twice as much as the previous one and allows you to earn twice more.
Do slots have expiration dates?
You activate any slot in the programme once and for all. They do not have an expiry date.
How to register on the FORSAGE platform?
Install a cryptocurrency wallet and top-up it with the required amount of ETH or TRX, depending on the programme you have chosen. Note that transactions within the network are subject to a fee.

Follow the referral link from your partner. Check his or her ID - once you register, you won't be able to change the affiliation, and then click "Register".

Detailed instructions for each blockchain you can find in the "Registration" section.
Can I register if there is no referral link?
You can also register without an invitation link. If you enter an ID number by yourself, the system will assign you to that ID. By default, registering without an invitation link will put you in team ID1.
Which wallet should I use?
To register on the FORSAGE platform, you need a cryptocurrency wallet. For Ethereum, we recommend the following wallets: Trust Wallet, TockenPocket, Klever Wallet, MetaMask Mobile, Savl or Coinbase. For TRON - TronLink. Click on one of the links and follow the instructions of the system.

The wallet will belong only to you - it will receive rewards according to the blockchain you choose. Securely store the key for accessing the wallet. If you lose your key, you will not be able to recover access to the wallet. Consequently, the rewards will also be irretrievably lost.

Detailed instructions for each blockchain you can find in the "Registration" section.
How to buy / sell cryptocurrency?
You can exchange classic means of payment for cryptocurrency using a cryptocurrency exchange, exchanger or from a private person. We recommend using trusted platforms for exchanging cryptocurrencies - this way you will be able to avoid fraud.

You can read in more detail in our material:
How to buy cryptocurrency. Step by step instructions for beginners How to Buy Crypto: Steps for Beginners
I have activated the slots, what should I do next?
The basis is to build an affiliate network. You tell potential partners about the benefits of the platform and get them to work with you. Partners using your referral link make their first transactions to a smart contract address, which are instantly redirected to your wallet. The platform works on several marketing plans at once.

You don't have to force participation on someone to get a reward. There are many people nowadays interested in making money online, and some are looking for new opportunities themselves. You can meet them on social media, or you can set up an automatic sales funnel and interested people will find you on their own.

To learn how to develop your team and achieve your goals, you can read articles in the FORSAGE Community or take a video tutorial at the Academy. For your convenience, the community is developed in several languages.
What is a referral link?
The Referral Link is the main tool of the FORSAGE community participant, a link with a unique user ID. With its help, users attract people to their team. By registering using the link, the participant is permanently attached to his superior partner. It will not be possible to change this information after registration.
If I have registered in several blockchains, can I make a single referral link?
A single link is possible. To do this, you need to link accounts in your personal cabinet. Then you can provide a single referral link, and your partners themselves choose which blockchains to register in.
What is a group link?
You can work on the platform both independently and in a team - this is how the greatest efficiency is achieved. The group custom link feature is available in FORSAGE. It does not replace, but complements the personal one. You can create and promote multiple group links at once. The group link can be programmed to indicate which of the partners will be included there and how the reward will be distributed. When you click on the group link, the system will identify one of the partners as an upline for registration. Thus, newcomers will be assigned to each of the team link users in turn.
What is FORSAGE Community and Academy?
The FORSAGE Community is a platform for participants to share their experiences, knowledge base with text content.

FORSAGE Academy is a more advanced educational resource, where there are video lectures and even courses to expand knowledge of blockchain technologies and specifically FORSAGE.
How to register with the community and academy?
To register in the Community and Academy you only need an email. By creating an account, you can comment on materials on the site, as well as apply and become an author or speaker for FORSAGE. If the Community starts to value you as an expert, then people will want to join your team. Publishing your content in the FORSAGE Community and Academy is your social capital to help you invite partners.
Where can I get more information about FORSAGE?
FORSAGE has an official Telegram channel Official Channel, where platform news is published.

There is also a Telegram chat Official International Chat - where our users exchange experiences and just communicate.

Youtube channel FORSAGE Official regularly hosts webinars with leading community speakers. There are also announcements and news in video format.

On Twitter @forsageofficial, we are literally talking in one line about the news of the community and cryptocurrencies in general.

The Facebook community also offers both FORSAGE announcements and experience sharing.

And also Instagram @forsagematrix, where we talk about news from the world of cryptocurrencies.
Where can I get help?
If you have any questions, you can always write to an expert in the chat via Support bot in Telegram or contact Help Center Help Center FORSAGE. In addition, you can write to chat with experts on the website. Support works around the clock.
What kind of reward can I get?
The amount of income depends on the quality of your activity and the activity of your partners. You can see an example of this activity by clicking link.

See for yourself that your reward depends on the activity of partners, and not on their number.
ID Partners Income
8679 962 $ 747,990
24193 798 $ 93,689
813 10 $ 142,013
What do we see? First, there is a simple dependence - the more partners, the more rewards collected: 962 partners have raised over 700 thousand US dollars. Soon ID 8679 will be a dollar millionaire!

But with the second and third examples, the dependence is inverse - the third one has almost a hundred times (!) fewer partners and, at the same time, one and a half times more funds were received: 142 thousand versus 93 thousand.This allows us to conclude that the activity of partners is more important than their quantity.
Is passive income possible?
Passive income is possible if you attract enough active participants to your team. You will receive a part of the reward for constantly adding lower-level partners to your team.

Another option for passive income is the growth of the cryptocurrency. For example, between January and April 2021, Etherium doubled to $2,000. That is, participants received $1,000 just by joining the community earlier and storing cryptocurrency in their wallets.
What tools are available to work with the platform?
Global Bot provides access to FORSAGE functionality without visiting the site.

Notifier bots notify about actions on your account, inform about occupied places, spillovers and overtakes. For ETH blockchain - Ethereum Notifier Bot, and for TRX - Tron Notifier Bot. We recommend connecting a Notifier Bot to actively work with the platform - so you don't miss anything important.
What is View Mode?
FORSAGE has both an Interactive Mode and a View Mode. It allows you to view account statistics, its remuneration and the number of downstream partners without authorization in your personal account. This is useful for showing future team members an example of potential growth.
Can I contact a partner if I don't know him personally?
The FORSAGE platform assumes the possibility of communication with partners. In your personal cabinet there is a section "Messages" marked with an envelope icon. There you can write a message to any ID. This is necessary to develop a general positioning strategy, conduct training and just get to know each other.
Can I lose my personally referred partner?
Your personally invited partner stays with you forever thanks to the referral link.
What is reopen?
If there are no free places in the slot, then the next partner will take a place in the automatically created slot. This is called reopen. The partner who took the last place pays for the new slot, and the amount goes to the higher partner. This process is fully automated by a smart contract.
What is an upgrade?
Upgrade - buying a slot of a higher level. The upgrade is offered after all the places in the slot you purchased are occupied. If you do not upgrade, then you will not receive a reward for the sold places of this level after reopening.
What are Spillovers and Overtakes?
Spillovers are when vacant places in your slots are filled by partners who were not invited by you. They can come either from a superior partner or from a lower one.

Sometimes the lower-level partners activate the following slots before those who invited them. Then the lower partner will overtake the higher partner and temporarily attach to the higher level. This is called overtaking. The participant who is overtaken does not receive rewards for the downline partner who overtakes him or her.
What happens to my account if I pause in FORSAGE community?
Your account will continue to work. Information about it will be stored in one of the blocks of the blockchain, and rewards will continue to flow from downstream partners, depending on their activity from all levels except the last one. You can return to the FORSAGE community at any time.
How does this differ from a pyramid scheme?
A pyramid scheme involves one or more people at the top controlling all the income. At any time, they can press the "take the money" button and disappear. In FORSAGE, however, a smart contract manages all the rewards. At any given moment, the funds are in the wallets of the participants. No third parties are involved - blockchain ensures the integrity and transparency of the reward.
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